Ruka Bikes Pyörävuokraus

Ruka Bikes offers fell’s highest quality electric mountain bikes for everybody

The rental price includes the bike, a helmet, a lock and a guidance on Ruka’s best routes. The routes are easily accessible straight from our doorstep!

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Rental prices for electric mountain bikes

To ensure availability we recommend booking in advance.
Ruka Bikes Pyörävuokraus - Mondraker Crafty R

Full suspension electric mountain bike MONDRAKER CRAFTY R 29”

  • 2 hours 60 €
  • 3 hours 65 €
  • Day (10.00–17.00) 88 €
  • Overnight rental 88 €

    Overnight rental pickup at 16.30 and return fully loaded by 10.00 the next morning.

  • 2 days* 158 €
  • 3 days* 220 €
  • 4 days* 290 €
  • 5 days* 360 €
  • 6 days* 430 €
  • 7 days* 490 €
Ruka Bikes Pyörävuokraus - Mondraker F-Play 26"

Full suspension electric mountain bike MONDRAKER F-PLAY 24"/26"

  • 2 hours 50 €
  • 3 hours 55 €
  • Day (10.00–17.00) 73 €
  • Overnight rental 73 €

    Overnight rental pickup at 16.30 and return fully loaded by 10.00 the next morning.

  • 2 days* 133 €
  • 3 days* 193 €
  • 4 days* 253 €
  • 5 days* 313 €
  • 6 days* 373 €
  • 7 days* 433 €
* Day rental start at 10.00, return by the closing time.
When booking, state the lengths of the riders (please note that the table is indicative).
  • Size 24”, length approx. 130–150 cm
  • Size 26”, length approx. 140–160 cm
  • Size S, length approx. 155–170 cm
  • Size M, length approx. 165–185 cm
  • Size L, length approx. 175–190 cm
  • Size XL, length approx. 180–205 cm
The bike is your responsibility throughout the rental time so please keep it as it was your own. Any damage, intentional or unintentional, caused by the renter will be charged according to the repair costs. In case of a flat tire or any other incident, the renter is responsible for all costs of the damage, such as a taxi ride.
If you want more information about downhill tracks in Ruka area or are looking for riding buddies, go check Ruka Freeriders Facebook group.

Frequently asked questions

The rental price includes the bike, a helmet, a lock, a charger, bike instruction and guidance on Ruka’s best mountain biking routes.
The bikes can be picked up from:
Riutanpää 1
93830, Rukatunturi
We rent Mondraker bikes. Mondraker stands out with its high-quality, creative and unique bikes. The company was founded in 2001 in Alicante, Spain, and it has quickly become very popular among the mountain biking industry.

Take a drinking bottle and a small backpack (you can also rent one from our web shop) – our bikes do not have a bottle cage. Choose your clothing according to weather. Be prepared to get sweaty – yep, even with the e-bike!

We highly recommend layering. With multiple layers you can easily adjust your clothing during the ride. If the weather is rainy, hiking boots or some other water proof shoes could be a wise choice. There might be surprising puddles in the forest!

There are no rear mudguards on our bikes so things can get a bit muddy! That’s why you should choose clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

More useful tips for bike trips can be found at

Yes we accept Eazybreak, Edenred, Smartum and Epassi vouchers. If you want to pay with vouchers make the reservation in our web shop and pay for the bikes when picking up.


The address of our store has changed.
We will continue to serve at:
Riutanpää 1
93830, Rukatunturi